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How to Get a SilliKilt (TM) ->>


  • Each of the SilliKilts (TM) will be unique. Front snaps are standard (unless you want a side buckle closure), and one or two cargo pockets optional. Lengths can be 16-19" (above-the-knee). 20-21" (mid-knee) or 23" (below-the-knee).
  • Brocade, printed denim, medium-weight printed canvas, heavyweight poplin, washable Velboa faux fur, or printed ultrasuedes.
  • For some fabric swatches:
    SilliKilt (TM) Swatch Gallery but I have many more

  • Let me know what you like & I will make it and list it on ETSY.
    for secure Credit Card & Paypal sales

  • If you like it you may buy it. $85-$110, $10 extra per each pocket. Free shipping to Burners with the code JRSspeaks.

    Some SilliKilts from previous burns:

    RunzwithScissors' SilliKilts on Flickr
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    Burningman aerial photo courtesy of Jonathan Wolfe,

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