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FIRST consideration is always Jackassery (tm) and Fun (tm).
period. end of discussion.

This may include any number of activities including, but not limited to:
continuing to push buttons long after there is no effect, taunting
others, setting things on fire, sticking things together that usually
are not, secretly altering events so that Nobody is aware, poking stuff
with a Poking Stick(tm), recreational sports, non-recreational sports...

The SECOND consideration is all OTHER considerations, such as, but not
limited to: gaining obtainium, construction, planning, getting beer in
order to do said planning, creating a list for planning, creating (yet
another) list for talking amongst ourselves that has nothing to do with
planning. period.

The THIRD consideration then, and only then, will be Safety.
All Equipment for Safety should be reviewed in a Safety Meeting.
period. Make of that what you will.

from the Gigsville Code of Conduct GCOC

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