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Size & Condition Info

  • ABOUT SIZING: I think it’s easier to visualize how something might fit if you compare your own measurements to those of my model. I don't pin anything, so you can see how it really hangs.
  • ABOUT YOUR FIT: Determine the measurements of something similar to this, for which you like the fit. They should be similar. Or compare your own body measurements to the model’s. Look at how this garment fits (or doesn’t)
  • ABOUT CONSTRUCTION: I've been sewing for years, so I stand behind my construction. Seams are either straight or serged, gathers are truly gathered, edges may be serged or raw. The vintage fashions I use are clean, with no stains. Holes, well...depends!
  • ABOUT VINTAGE CONDITION: Assume excellent vintage (no repros), unless I say otherwise. ebay condition guide . Everything has been checked carefully. Loose seams or hems have been resewn, missing buttons replaced, pulled threads looped inside, and the washables have all been laundered. If dry cleaning is needed, I say so in the listing.
  • ABOUT COLOR: I work very hard to get it accurate in Photoshop & when viewed from my website, but some decompressions result in images with more of a greenish tinge than reality!
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